Motorcycle maintenance?

1、 Maintenance of air filter

The air filter element should be cleaned once after the running in period. The cleaning times should be increased when driving on dusty roads. The steps are as follows:

1. Remove the right cover, remove the five fixing screws of the air filter housing, remove the air filter housing cover, and then take out the filter element?

2. Put the filter element into the cleaning agent for cleaning and let it dry;?

3. Spray the dry filter element with 15W/40QE engine oil, knead well, and then squeeze out too much engine oil; 4. Assemble in reverse order of disassembly; 5. Note:

(1) The paper filter element shall be replaced every 8000km;

(2) The paper filter element shall be blown out of dust with compressed air.

2、 Maintenance of brake device

1. Adjustment of drum front brake

A upper main support. The free travel of the front brake handle is 10-20MM from the free position to the start of braking; B If it is not within the specified range, adjust it. Adjust the front brake nut clockwise to reduce the free stroke; Adjust the front brake nut counterclockwise to increase the free stroke; C Firmly hold the brake handle of the front brake several times, then loosen it, and check whether the front brake works well (turn the front wheel to see whether the front wheel rotates flexibly); D can also be adjusted by the front brake trim nut.

Note: If the pointer on the front brake is aligned with the scale on the brake end cover, the brake shoe should be replaced. Replace the shoe block every 4000KM; The clutch control line shall be cleaned and lubricated every 2000km.

2. Adjustment of the rear brake

A Support the motorcycle with the main support;

B Measure that the travel from the original position of the rear brake pedal to the start of the brake is 20~30MM; C If adjustment is required, the adjustment method is the same as that of the front brake.

3、 Battery maintenance

Remove the left side cover, add electrolyte between the upper and lower scales to the battery of the new car, and recharge the new battery for better use. 0.1A current can be used, charging for 6-7 hours, 0.3A current can be used. Charge for 3-4 hours. Check the battery frequently. If the liquid level is lower than the minimum scale, add distilled water to the specified value. If the battery is out of power or not used for a long time, it should be recharged. Note: hydrogen and oxygen will be generated during charging. Smoking and fire are prohibited at the charging site.

4、 Inspection and replacement of engine oil

Check the engine oil and oil level before starting every day

1. Place the motorcycle on the flat ground and support it with the main support;

2. Loosen the oil level gauge to check whether the oil level is between the upper and lower scales. If the oil level is too low, add the specified oil as appropriate.

5、 Replace lubricating oil and clean filter

1. Warm up the engine for 2-3 minutes and shut down the engine;

2. Put an oil container under the engine;?

3. Unscrew the oil drain hole cover, remove the oil drain hole cover, and take out the engine oil filter screen and spring;?

4. Step on the recoil starter several times to help discharge all residual oil;

5. Put the spring, filter screen and oil drain hole cover into the cleaning agent for cleaning; 6. Check whether the O-ring and filter screen are in good condition. If they are damaged, replace them, and then replace them in the reverse order of disassembly; 7. Fill new engine oil between the upper and lower scale lines. Note: the engine oil should be replaced 3 times during the running in period of the new vehicle.?

6、 Inspection and replacement of spark plug

1. Remove the spark plug cap and remove the surrounding debris;

2. Remove the spark plug with the matched spark plug socket wrench;

3. Remove the carbon deposit on the spark plug with the iron chisel, and remove the sundries on the spark plug with the brush; 4. Check whether the electrode of the spark plug is ablated. If it is, replace the spark plug; 5. Check the spark plug gap with a feeler gauge, and adjust the spark plug gap to 0.6-0.7mm; 6. Check the sealing gasket on the spark plug and replace it if it is seriously deformed or cracked; 7. Spark check: start the engine with feet and check the spark color. The spark should be blue and white; 8. When tightening the spark plug, in order to prevent the thread from being disordered, first screw the spark plug into place by hand, and then tighten it with the spark plug socket.

7、 Replacement of fuse

The fuse tube is located next to the battery, so it should be replaced with a fuse tube of the same specification. If the fuse tube is often burnt out, it is generally short circuited or the load is too large, please ask the maintenance personnel to check. The use of fuse tubes that do not meet the specifications will bring serious consequences to the circuit system, even fire. When checking and replacing the fuse, turn the ignition switch to the off position to prevent short circuit.

8、 Adjustment of headlamp aiming direction

Insert a screwdriver into the small hole on the rear plate of the front headlight cover and adjust the headlight adjusting screw. Turn the screw lamp clockwise to adjust the light; Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to lower the light.

9、 Running in of motorcycle

The running in mileage of the new car is 1000KM. The running in shall be carried out according to the requirements in the user manual to extend its service life. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Control the vehicle speed;

2. The load capacity shall be controlled below 2/3 of the maximum load;?

3. The driving time shall be controlled. After driving for 0.5 hour, the engine shall be stopped to cool down for 10 minutes;?

4. Change the engine oil frequently. It is recommended to change the engine oil every 300KM during the running in period.

10、 Inspection and adjustment of throttle operation part

1. Inspection and maintenance of accelerator

Turn the throttle handle to check whether it returns well. If it is stuck or cannot return, it should be maintained.


(1) Remove the reflector;

(2) Remove the fuel dispenser seat, and take down the throttle control line and fuel dispenser;

(3) Add a little lubricating oil to the accelerator control line and apply a little lubricating grease to the oiler; (4) It can be noted that the accelerator cable should be cleaned and lubricated every 2000KM after being installed in reverse order.

2. Adjustment of free stroke of accelerator handle

The free stroke of the throttle handle is 2~6mm. If it does not meet the requirements, it shall be adjusted.

The adjustment steps are as follows:

Loosen the lock nut, turn the throttle adjusting screw tube to the specified position, then tighten the lock nut, and turn the throttle adjusting screw tube clockwise to reduce the free stroke of the throttle; Turn the throttle adjusting screw counterclockwise to enlarge the free stroke of the throttle.

11、 Adjustment of idle speed of carburetor

1. Turn on the ignition switch and preheat for 5-10 minutes;

2. Remove the right cover and turn the idle screw clockwise to increase the engine idle speed; Turn the idle screw counterclockwise to reduce the engine idle speed; 3. Adjust the idle speed to about 1500R/MIN.?

Note: The air mixing ratio screw has been adjusted in the special instrument when leaving the factory. Please do not adjust it easily.

12、 Clutch adjustment

The free stroke of the left handle of the clutch is 10-20MM. If it is not within this range, please adjust it as follows:

1. Loosen the clutch adjusting lock nut;

2. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to increase the free clearance of the clutch

Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to reduce the free clearance of the clutch;

3. Tighten the clutch adjustment lock nut.

Note: The clutch control line shall be removed for cleaning and lubrication every 2000km.

13、 Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of drive chain

1. Inspection method: Use the main support to support the motorcycle, step on the speed change pedal to shift to the neutral position, swing the chain up and down, and check that its swing should be 10~20MM. If not, adjust it; 2. Adjustment method:

A Loosen the rear axle lock nut and the rear brake adjusting nut;

B Loosen the lock nut of the chain adjuster;

C Turn the adjusting bolt clockwise to reduce the swing of the chain

Rotate the adjusting bolt anticlockwise to increase the swing of the chain, and adjust the chain swing to the range of 10~20MM.?

be careful:

The left and right chain adjusters should have the same scale.

If the chain adjuster scale is at the last grid after adjustment, it indicates that the chain drive part is excessively worn, and the large and small chain wheels and chains should be replaced.

D Check the tightness of the chain. Tighten the adjusting bolt of the chain adjuster and the lock nut of the rear axle. If the chain is found to be short of oil, it should be lubricated. Generally, it should be cleaned and lubricated every 500km. The steps are as follows:

(1) Remove the shift arm;

(2) Remove the left rear cover of the engine;

(3) Remove the rear chain box

(4) Find the movable chain link, remove the movable locking clip with pliers, remove the chain from the backward direction, put the chain into the cleaning agent for cleaning, and then air dry it. Check the wear of the chain and replace it if necessary.

be careful:安装活动链节锁紧夹的开口方向应与链条运动的方向。

(5) Refit the chain in reverse order and add proper lubricating oil to the chain.

14、 Adjustment of rear brake switch

Step down the recoil starting pedal, and the rear brake lamp should be on. If it is on or off, it should be adjusted. The adjustment method is:

1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position;

2. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise, and the brake light will be on in advance; Turn the adjusting nut counterclockwise to delay the brake light.

15、 Vehicle cleaning

In order to maintain the quality of vehicles, they should be cleaned regularly and checked for damage and oil leakage.

1. After cleaning, a large amount of clean water shall be used to clean the whole vehicle. During cleaning, electrical switches, instruments and muffler outlets shall be used; 2. Dry the motorcycle, start the engine and let it warm up for a few minutes; 3. Lubricate the drive chain, and conduct a braking test before going on the road to make it return to the normal state.

be careful:清洗后,摩托车的制动性能有所降低